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I feel the experience has transformed the way I see my body.  I think the images are very sexy, and I look really great.  


Why did I weep when you showed me the stunning slideshow of the images you captured during our meeting in my bedroom? The complex mix of feelings surfaced that I saw myself, and parts of myself, clothed, unclothed, strong, vulnerable, lithe, alluring and (amazingly) beautiful.  S.R.

Your photos have helped me to take the sting out of memories of myself as an awkward, chubby preteen. 


Laura is so wonderfully positive and supportive that I was enabled to feel comfortable during the session and even enjoy myself!


I love working with Laura. She made me feel beautiful and safe. 


After the session, I was a little dazed, surprised, and very satisfied. This session really did help me feel better about my sags and bags. It made me quite grateful.



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